Pure Blends high lather, hydrating Color Depositing Shampoos are available in 9 vibrant shades. They are all sulfate and sodium chloride free. 

Color Depositing Shampoo

Shade Selection
  • Violet Color Depositing Shampoo: violet base maintains the coolness of white, gray, and pale blonde hair, preventing warm tones.


    Lemon Color Depositing Shampoo: pale beige base maintains medium to pale blonde hair producing neutral, blonde tones.


    Sun Color Depositing Shampoo: beige yellow base maintains light, medium and dark blonde hair producing warm sunny tones.


    Marigold Color Depositing Shampoo: orange yellow base maintains the brightness of copper, auburn, and warm brown tones.


    Red Color Depositing Shampoo: red base maintains the brightness of bright red and red brown tones.


    Cherry Color Depositing Shampoo: red violet base maintains the coolness of red, red brown, and burgundy tones.


    Chestnut Color Depositing Shampoo: orange yellow brown base maintains the richness of warm brown, chocolate tones.


    Cocoa Color Depositing Shampoo: cool brown base maintains the richness of neutral cool brown tones preventing warmth.


    Orchid Color Depositing Shampoo: blue gray base maintains the depth of dark brown to black hair preventing warmth.


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